Tenth Reflection

Being supported, I am able to support others

I have given much thought to how many relationships I have – and there were many that came to my mind. First of all, there is my family of origin which I didn’t choose; it was given to me naturally. And then, there is my religious community – I found it as an answer to God`s call. My fellow sisters are simply there. There are some areas where I have to choose. If possible, I choose my work place and usually I don’t choose the people I work with. What I can really choose for myself are my friends.

It is crucial though in all my relationships in which I am involved – supported by thankfulness – that I am ready to support and accompany others. We can only become human beings through others. This entails a specific mission. Pope Frances exhorts us that we all need to learn this “‘art of accompaniment‘ which teaches us to remove our sandals before the sacred ground of the other (cf. Ex 3:5).“ (Evangelii Gaudium 169)

„We need to practice the art of listening, which is more than simply hearing. Listening, in communication, is an openness of heart which makes possible that closeness without which genuine spiritual encounter cannot occur. Listening helps us to find the right gesture and word which shows that we are more than simply bystanders. Only through such respectful and compassionate listening can we enter on the paths of true growth and awaken a yearning for the Christian ideal: the desire to respond fully to God’s love and to bring to fruition what he has sown in our lives.“ (Evangelii Gaudium 171)

For me peace and integrity of creation means that in every person, especially those who are small, weak, innocent, needy, rejected, excluded, marginalized, deported or doomed, those who suffer, who are in despair and shout their pain or are stifled by it, in all of them I meet the “sacred ground of the others“. Thus, how different should my interaction be with them!

Just for reflection:

How do I express my thankfulness to others for all the support I receive?