Sixth reflection

Sustainability is supporting

In daily life we understand sustainability as something that will continue for a long time and that can and will have a lasting effect once it begins. Sustainability is often connected with durability even though it is basically an action principle. Sustainability requires general settings that firstly, preserve our natural livelihood, secondly, enables economic welfare, and thirdly, provides for social equalization. A durable way of life will do justice to the needs of today`s generations without making it impossible for future generations to be able to meet their own needs. The right to satisfy basic needs is universally valid– for each human being individually, and also for the social coexistence, and for creation of which we are one part of. And this is valid forever – for today and tomorrow. Therefore, a durable development always needs to have the three pillars, ecology (environment), economics (economy) and social affairs. It is not enough to do much for the environment and at the same time neglect the economy or the social interaction. This balance is actually only possible if it is based on a deep spirituality. Even in a secularized world people ask questions such as these: from where, what for and where to. From a lived, taught and reflective religion a deeper view of the world arises and spirituality grows. A spiritual view as a “fourth pillar” offers an orientation in the area of the tension between economy, ecology and social issues:

  • Ecology is then experienced as amazement at the world as it reflects on the place and task of the human being.

  • Economy appears thus as a gift and mission, and work as a way of service to God and the person.

  • Social affairs become a mission which is to see all people in their dignity and as an image of God.

Spirituality attempts to capture the whole person and makes clear the interconnectedness of all our actions with our nature which it supports. In this way, engagement for a durable development can be encouraged. This involves both dealing with our resources and with each other. Everything I do or omit doing affects others, either positively or negatively. But who knows this can change his/her behavior. 


Just for reflection:

How do I deal with very personal things? Where have I learned attentiveness and astonishment?