Role of a Promoter of JPIC

The task is a fourfold one:
To remind, suggest, invite, and to appreciate what is already being done in these areas.  
To motivate people of good will to engage in justice, peace and care for creation.  
To promote this complex topic making it become alive which can be quite uncomfortable for both sides.
To the need to draw attention to the importance of being in “right relation” to people and all of creation because both the internal attitude and the frame of mind are crucial.

Further steps are:
Remain down to earth and keep the experience in mind: see, judge (according to certain criteria) and act. Ongoing formation in those three areas is always needed.
Communication on different levels and collaboration in every possible way are the requirements for putting justice, peace and integrity of creation as central characteristics of the kingdom of God into practice.

For further reflection:
What comes to my mind when I think about justice, peace and integrity of creation?
With whom could and would I like to talk about it?

From December 7‐10, 2013 I was able to participate in an introductory workshop for “commissioned promoters” for justice, peace and care for creation in Rome. This responsibility is part of my role as a general council member. I enjoyed very much exchanging views with others on these important matters.  
It really helped to broaden my horizon. It is a challenge to be linked and to think globally. Gratefulness, and at the same time internal suffering alternated and still alternate for being able to only put into action just a little bit in these areas.

Sr. Gudrun Maria Schellner, SSM