First Reflection

The Heart of the Gospel of Jesus

If you were asked: “What is the core concern of Jesus?” What would you answer?
Once I asked a group of young people this question. The basic tenor was clear: that all people are well, and everyone could live in peace on earth. This is not basically wrong, but I still believe that it was more that made a difference for Jesus. Two basic concepts are inseparable connected with the core concern of Jesus for me in view of the Gospel.   
The first concept is the word Abba, a human expression that Jesus used for his relationship with God. It was such an intense relationship that he used the word food for the will of his Father (ref. Jn. 4:34).  

The second concept is the Kingdom of God he defines as God`s plan, respectively as a vision for the whole creation. Jesus himself uses the concept of “Kingdom of God” 92 times. Many of his parables speak of this vision of the kingdom of God that has begun with him. Jesus claims that he has come to set fire on the earth (Lk.12:49), and that he wishes it were already kindled. It is this fire that is the heart of the Kingdom of God. He became man that so we may share in the life of the Kingdom of God for ever. It is essential though that we don`t overlook the fact that it relates to the whole of creation and not only to my individual access to heaven. The kingdom of God requires that we have a  personal relationship with our Abba, and is inseparable from a mutual connectedness in which everybody finds his/her place because they have it.

For further reflection: 
How personal is my relationship to God? 
What pictures do I connect with the Kingdom of God? 
With whom could and would I like to talk about it?